Welcome to MAB General Investments Plc. (MAB Általános Befektetési Zrt.)

About Us

Welcome to the website of MAB General Investments Plc. (MAB Általános Befektetési Zrt.).

MAB Plc. manages industrial and mining related greenfield and brownfield investments in rapidly developing countries of Central-Eastern Europe, from the exploration of investment opportunities through detailed feasibility studies, planning and authorisation procedures to implementation and economical operation.

MAB Plc. is continuously seeking contact with financially strong international, professional and investment partners in the first, for the purpose of joint venture and investment, planning and implementation related consultancy.

In Central-Eastern Europe, we posses wide-ranging experiences regarding economic, legal, environmental, quality management and social-political issues. In co-operation with our partners, we successfully integrate existing know-how and corporate culture into local business practices.

In addition to our abovementioned investment management as an added value, we also provide the following services to our clients: real estate development and operations (in co-operation with our specialised affiliate, B&D Real Estates Ltd.), market research, market introduction, accounting, financial and legal support (in co-operation with our specialised affiliate, MAB PSZJMI Ltd.), corporate IT systems engineering and implementation.